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Weak and/or repeatedly used passwords across various services are one of the most prevalent security flaws. True randomness cannot be generated by a computer because they are biased just like the human mind. 

Only hardware can create a truly random outcome. And the perfect tool for it is readily available: dice. 

Follow the guide to make a perfect passphrase.


Passphrase Manual 4 0 English
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Passphrase Manual 4 0 Chinese
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Passphrase Manual 4 0 Turkish
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Always understand that there is more to securing your account than just using a good password. Bitminted accepts no liability for hacked accounts or account loss. If you forget your password you loose whatever you secured with it. Bitminted has no way to recover your password nor is Bitminted liable for any data lost in security breaches of accounts secured by this method. The passphrase manual is given as is and anyone using it should understand that they themselves make the password not Bitminted.  

Published under GNU general public license v3.0

We published this guide under the GNU general public license v3.0. Go to the licenses page to read the full license.