Bitminted provides a wide array of consultancy services. For inquiries please message us at or fill in the contact form below. 

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Social engineering

If you want to know if your organization is vulnerable to social engineering attacks please contact us, we can provide different services like threat analysis and simulated social engineering attacks.

Asset security

Bitminted provides consultancy services for asset protection. From crypto assets to physical assets like precious metals and art. 

Physical security

Do you have a location, area, building or installation that needs to be physically secure? Please let us know what object/location you want secured and we can advice on the hardening of your security protocols and tools. 

Dumpster diving 

Full analysis of dumpster diving findings. Checks security protocols and exposes possible vulnerabilities. 


Location or object observation services are aimed at finding operational security risks by long range observers. 

Fake news simulation 

This service will test your organisations defence capability against fake news.  

Need some privacy? 

Consultancy is possible with full NDA or 0-knowledge policy. 

We can set up safe communication and discuss NDA policy. 

If you wish to use a temporary email make one here: 

Please make sure there is some secure way for us to contact you in your message.